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Evolution of FDF

Evolution of FDF

Once upon a time there was a very boring class at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. It was so boring that the author of this exhibit had to do something to pass the time - otherwise he would probably go insane. The only thing he could do was use his pen to draw in his notebook. Thus a strange being with a dog's head, a snake's body, a fishes' tail and wings was born. He called him the Flying Dog Fish (FDF for short) because it looked like one. He also took him as his avatar because it looked kind of cool and very unique.

The first images drawn on paper got lost so you won't be able to see them here, Soon, FDF was recreated as a 2D computer graphic which you can see in thee first pic. A bit later FDF was recreated again in 3D and you can see some of the stages of that process. This one got animated into a little movie about how FDF was born. Much later the 3D image of FDF was traced and turned into a simpler version as a 2D vector image so it could be still recognized when turned into this website's tiny icon. Sometime later FDF was recreated again for use in its alter ego's computer game called Universal Block Annihilation, where it is drawn programatically. An enhanced version and colored version of this image made it into this gallery.