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Belopeško jezero

Belopeško jezero

Belopeško jezero

Belopeško jezero (Lago di Fusine) is not really in Slovenia, but in Italy, but it's close enough and beautiful enough to deserve a place in this exhibit. This is the upper of the two lakes.


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  • Shauna on 2014-Apr-06 04:45:07 Shauna said

    Very nice depth :)
  • Glenda on 2014-May-11 16:53:55 Glenda said

    This is a beautiful picture with very good light-weight :)
  • Isidro on 2014-Jun-14 03:29:27 Isidro said

    It is a beautiful photo with very good lighting ;-)
  • Nina on 2014-Jul-05 03:51:28 Nina said

    I favour the composition!
  • Leonie on 2014-Aug-21 20:51:47 Leonie said

    Loved the photos, i actually like the one of this, perfect.
  • Stephania on 2014-Aug-23 09:31:51 Stephania said

    Simply checked out some of your pictures (: i'm really glad i reached job darkness you. You're terrific!
  • Hiram on 2014-Aug-23 23:01:22 Hiram said

    Some remarkable photos. Remarkable shades.